Agent-Based Model of Q&A Community for Effective Pecuniary Payback System

Proceedings of the 3rd World Congress on Social Simulation WCSS2010,2010(9)

Ogawa Yuki, Hitoshi Yamamoto, Hirohiko Suwa, Isamu Okada and Toshizumi Ohta


Q&A communities have been developed. However, it is difficult to consider a design of the management systems effective for the community. We present an agent-based model, focusing on pecuniary payback, of a Q&A community, and we clarify the effective payback system policy for various community environments through simulation. Our results showed the following. In a system where pecuniary payback is low, there are many answers. In addition, in a system where pecuniary payback is high, quality of answers is high, and even if a questioner's question-effort is low (even if a questioner posts an ambiguous question), the community for which answers gather is formed.


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