Analysis of focal information of individuals: Gaming Approach to C2C market

Proc. Of The Fifth International Workshop on Agent-based Approaches in Economic and Social Complex Systems,pp.96-107,2007(8).

Yamamoto, Hitoshi, Kazunari Ishida and Toshizumi Ohta


To analyze the effect of reputation management systems for promoting cooperative behavior in a C2C market, we developed a virtual C2C market system and experimented with participants to analyze transaction and information behaviors. According to the result of our experiment, we found that over 80% of participants behaved cooperatively. However, some participants accumulated high reputation in the early round of the experiment, and then exploited cooperative participants with the high reputation and defective action. The result indicates existence of vulnerability of reputation management system. Based on analysis of information behavior, we also found that cooperative participants often referred the number of defects and duration of ID unchanged. The result indicates cooperative participants prefer risk adverse to choose trustful others to make deal.


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