Relation Formation by Medium Properties: A Multiagent Simulation

The Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems 2001(PACIS 2001), 2001.

Hitoshi YAMAMOTO, Isamu OKADA, Makoto IGARASHI, Toshizumi OHTA


We consider the effect communications by mobile phone have on the process of building relations of individuals, and discuss the impact such communications have on interpersonal relationships among individuals in a network society. Our research results indicate that a network society is significantly affected when mobile communication becomes widespread within that society. In the field of management, the value of having an online community for purposes of management is becoming ever higher, but, to our knowledge, no descriptions have yet been made about what features of communication fundamentals affect (1) the process of building relations of individuals in a network, and (2) the characteristics of the relations. This paper describes our use of simulation with a multiagent model to ascertain how various communication fundamentals generate and change interpersonal relationships among individuals in a group.


Mobile Communication, Computer Simulation, Multiagent Model, Internet Society, Relation Formation

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